This personal project is a witnessing of the inward journey we so often call “prayer” took place during Burning Man in the desert of Nevada.

So what is prayer? A desire – a sacred wish – an intention from the heart – a longing…. perhaps seeds of future manifestation – or fertilizer for the karmic seeds already sown.

After a major personal shift I was left questioning just about everything known to be true and real for me – including the relationship to one of my passions – photography. Left me asking a deeper question like, what is passion? Desire?…What is love? Questions in groundlessness… could this just be deep inquiry? Was I praying while longing for ground and clarity? How did this project really come about? Did I manifest it through the depth of my inquiry? Seemed like one day I was questioning my passion for photography and the next I was taking pictures of people while they opened themselves to me in a deep, raw and sacred way, inspiring me and igniting my passion once again.

This  intimate project wrapped up by realizing my own intention, wish or prayer. Months prior while contemplating the source of creative potential and it’s meaning – While longing for creative passion and asking myself what do I really want to do, I remember visualizing in my minds eye of a dancer leaping through the air – this at the time was completely unrelated to the future and only remembered this past image as I captured it and realized it was the manifestation of my own longing, wish, prayer.

This leaves me to ponder… If we are clear in our heart – without attachment, desperation or seeking – could we be manifesting everything we really truly DESIRE – are we already doing it – is it naturally perfect as it all unfolds!! Do we only need to gain clarity around what we want in our lives – see it clearly internally, witness it and let it got out to the universe, surrendering without expectation to the sweetness of our hearts desire, trusting what ever manifests will be perfect as it is.

Blog about the dancer shoot coming soon.