This personal project is a witnessing of the inward journey we so often call “prayer” took place during Burning Man in the desert of Nevada.

So what is prayer? A desire – a sacred wish – an intention from the heart – a longing…. perhaps seeds of future manifestation – or fertilizer for the karmic seeds already sown.

After a major personal shift I was left questioning just about everything known to be true and real for me – including the relationship to one of my passions – photography. Left me asking a deeper question like, what is passion? Desire?…What is love? Questions in groundlessness… could this just be deep inquiry? Was I praying while longing for ground and clarity? How did this project really come about? Did I manifest it through the depth of my inquiry? Seemed like one day I was questioning my passion for photography and the next I was taking pictures of people while they opened themselves to me in a deep, raw and sacred way, inspiring me and igniting my passion once again.

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